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Favorite band and your favorite song from that band.
So, I am a big music person with an old taste in music. I want to share my favorites and want to hear yours as well. Here, post the name of your favorite band/artist and your favorite song from that band/artist. It can be anything. If you want, tell me why you like that band/artist.

Let me start with my first favorite band, the legendary British rock band, Pink Floyd.

My favorite song from my favorite album titled, Animals. Not being the most popular like The Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall, it's their hard rock album about politics, released on 1978.

My second found favorite band is Dire Straits

Also from my favorite album from them called Making Movies released in 1980. This was known as their signature song with brilliant songwriting and lyrics, beautiful piano work and awesome guitar playing, not even using a guitar pick.

My third found is The Who.

Face it, the guitarist is shit, but the drummer and bass player are actually considered to be the best of the best. From the band's hugely successful album, Who's Next? released in 1971, this is only one of their hundreds of kickass drumming songs.

Fourth is The Doors, as shown on my profile pic and signature. I have two favorites.

I got addicted to this band because of these two songs, Love me two times from the Strange Days album (1967) and Riders on the Storm from their last album before the singer, Jim Morrison's death, L.A. Woman (1971). The songwriting on Riders gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. Amazing, bur short lived band. Definitely ahead of it's time.

And my last found, but far from fucking least, is the most badass rock band of all time, AC/DC.

I've known this band for a long ass time since i was 8 years old. Only recently is when I cannot stop listening to them and playing their Back In Black album while driving in my car. Fact: The band's Back in Black album is the second most sold album in the world, behind Michael Jackson's Thriller album. Nothing like a badass Aussie band to listen to while getting a speeding ticket. Amazing.

Now, tell me your favorites. I'm eager to hear them.

Btw, how can you post video links but not the video itself? That's fucking stupid.
[Image: tumblr_ocwn2zCURe1vrqnbmo1_400.gif]

For those about to rock, we salute you.

1st: Asking Alexandria (Pre-Vocal Damage & Denis): Final Episode

2nd: Nirvana:
Lounge Act

3rd: Bring Me the Horizon (Oli has multiple types of genres due to voice loss and change in taste):
Alternative: Follow Me
Deathcore: Sleepwalking
Deathmetal: The Comedown

4th: Foo Fighters: Everlong

5th: Steve Miller Band: The Joker

6th: AC/DC: Who Made Who

7th: Pearl Jam: Black

8th: Parkway Drive: Dream Run

And plenty of other metal bands :^)
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What a woman needs
1st: My Shiny Teeth and me

2nd: FUN song

3rd: Broccoli

4th: Icky Vicky

5th: (ง ಠ ◡ ಠ )ง
please Blazing is holding me hostage and doing bad things

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Image: 76561198104211437.png]
oh boy i love me some sepultura:
Ratamahatta -
Roots Bloody Roots -
Attitude -

When i was 4 years old my sister played sepultura songs with her speakers and i feel asleep to them.
and 6 years later i had an obsession with black metal nshit.

[Image: T4vlCRD.gif]
Pretty much anything on

( go to 1:52 for  good meme, couldn't get it to only that part )
What about that soup thou
-Walkie Talkie
five finger death punch

then, anything else.
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Steel is heavier.
(03-14-2017, 11:06 PM)Dexon Wrote: five finger death punch

then, anything else.

oooh, my sis went to see them a while ago, got a special plectrum too
What about that soup thou
-Walkie Talkie

for some reason i cant stand anything but this
idk how 2 use forums send help xd
you have some good taste in music mine favorite band is back street boys Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely one of the best music

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