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Larry's Admin/SG Manager Application
Fact of the matter is you can never make everyone happy
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(05-27-2017, 09:25 AM)MuddyNips Wrote: Fact of the matter is you can never make everyone happy

I second that.
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hamburger crisis: i just want you to know that i did nothing wrong
Larry is cool.


SG manager id a good idea cuz some SG just apply to have a chance to get Op. So an SG manager could sort SG that do their job for helping, SG that do their work for staff app and SG that are SG and hope to be respected or think their rank grant them "power" t be respected or some stupid shit, you know, kids.

From what I see, SA are the only one that look at SG and take care of them if they fuck up base don what people report to them. Some kids could try to put an SG in shit or a SG doing shit but getting out of it since no one really look into it or no staff is on.
Thanks for your attention, I will now go cry in a fetal position under a cold shower while listening to some edgy depressing music or some shit
Even though the SG manager is just a meme I agree with Matante. They really should be watched.
please Blazing is holding me hostage and doing bad things

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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hehehe guess you could say the server denied larry

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